Long Haul

Grad Student / Post Doc

AWC Membership Agreement

I understand that I am purchasing a long-term (4 or 12 session) subscription in the Academic Writing Club. In exchange for this significant discount in my membership rates, I acknowledge that:

I will not receive a refund of my subscription payment for any reason.
I cannot put my subscription on hold, or suspend it for any reason.
I cannot transfer my subscription to another person.
I am requesting a recurring payment plan. My credit card on file will be automatically billed when my current subscription ends and I can stop future payments at any time by sending a cancellation request to help@academicladder.com.

Although we do send you a reminder in advance that your long-term recurring membership will be renewed, emails sometimes get lost or sent into spam folder. So we suggest that you calendar your renewal date and print this page for your records. You may easily stop your next recurring payment at any time by emailing help@academicladder.com.

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